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i50 provides remarkable performance in Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Urology, Cardiology, Lungs, Small Parts, Blood Vessel, Superficial, Thyroid and Galactophore.

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double beamform imaging technology Outstanding portable model, compact and streamlined design All-round adjusting knob, efficient and fast opération One key full screen design (FSI) for better visual field Support multiple measurement sofaware package Optional trolley, built-in lithium battery and suitcase, convenient for outdoor diagnosis Support multiple data transmission interface Auto generated BMP format report, support USB import and export Support laser printer module, directly connect the laser printer to output report.

Measuring blood flow velocity is essential for understanding the state of the disease. Pulse Wave (PW) Doppler sends short and fast sound pulses to accurately measure the speed of blood in real time at a precise location. ZONCARE-i50 adds PW function to obstetric ultrasound, which provide more comprehensive understanding of fetal conditions.

PW Doppler can measure velocities in multiple areas including:

● Diastolic function (E/A waves)

● Right ventricular function

● Renal artery resistive index and pulsatility index

● Abdominal aortic velocities

● Carotid artery imaging

● Umbilical cord blood