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AED 137500
VAT: AED 6875

Main Unit with 21.5 inch high resolution LED monitor
DC-80 (V2.0) Main Unit
13.3 inch tilting multi-gesture touch screen
B/M/PW/HPRF/Color/Color M/Power/Directional Power
Doppler Flow Imaging iBeam™ , iClear™, iTouch™,
iCompare (multi-modality imaging compare)
Dehaze, Echo Boost, 3D iClear, Depth VR
Smart Track (intelligent vessel tracking and image optimization)
MedTouch™ , MedSight™
iStation™ Patient Information Management
Hybrid Hard disk (1TB & 128GB SSD), DVD-RW and USB Ports
Standard 4 active transducer sockets
One Endocavity Transducer Holder (on left side as default, if you need
it to be on the right, please select it before order) - LEFT
Voltage & Power cord
UK Power Cord
Application Package
110-006724-00 Shared Service (Includes Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Pelvic Floor,
Abdomen, Urology, Small Parts, Vascular, Nerve, Emergency Medicine and Cardiology packages)
120-004209-00 Convex array transducer, C5-1E
120-001719-01 Linear array transducer, L12-3E (ComboWave transducer)

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The best patient care is your ultimate goal. To achieve this requires confident diagnosis even with daily increases in patient throughput. Built on the foundation of Mindray’s continuous customer insights into clinical needs and the inheritance from premium technology, the DC-80 with X-Insight is designed to help you manage your daily output with high efficiency, no matter what type patients and clinical challenges you will face.




eXpress Clarity

More clarity at hand

To achieve excellent images with minimal effort is always the highest clinical priority and Mindray's endless pursuit. With continuous innovation of imaging and transducer technologies, X-Insight delivers express clarity as soon as the transducer touches the body.

  • Thunder-speed imaging with X-Engine (CPU+GPU)

    The new X-Engine integrated with both GPU and CPU enables multi-core parallel processing for fast imaging and superb clarity. With the advanced imaging engine, the imaging processing speed is accelerated three or four times faster than traditional processing, resulting in extremely fast imaging and superb clarity.

  • “Touch and Bingo” with premier transducers
    Single crystal transducers with 3T technology

    Combining with Mindray unique 3T technology (Triple-matching layers, Total-cut design, Thermal control), the brand-new single crystal volume, convex and phased array transducers provide a wider bandwidth to simultaneously offer better penetration and higher resolution, resulting in an optimum scanning solution.

  • ComboWave transducers

    Compared with traditional transducers, ComboWave transducers utilize a new type of composite piezoelectric material to dramatically optimize the acoustic spectrum and reduce acoustic impedance. Further integrated with Mindray unique 3T technology, the ComboWave linear transducers allow you to experience outstanding performance with extreme image resolution and uniformity in thyroid, breast, vascular, and more.

  • Superb visualization with Glazing Flow

    It’s a breakthrough and brand new way to demonstrate the color Doppler flow innovatively in a 3D visualization. Glazing Flow is able to provide intuitive and easy visualization of blood flow structures, especially very tiny vessels. It’s helpful for boundary definition of crossing vessels too.


eXceptional Intelligence

Intelligence throughout entire workflow

Intelligence integrated in professional diagnostic tools for whole examination procedures,DC-80 with X-Insight provides exceptional intelligence integrated in professional diagnostic tools across wide applications and throughout whole examination procedures, from regular screening to further diagnosis and clinical follow up.

  • Complete Elastography Solution

    It delivers a complete elastography solution with best in class shear wave and strain technology. Sound Touch Elastography (STE*) with reliability map allows clinicians to get real-time 2D elastography and Young’s modulus quantification for liver, breast, thyroid and MSK with high accuracy and reproducibility. Sound Touch Quantification (STQ*) with unique “E Avg” also enables real time and easy tissue stiffness quantification for hepatic fibrosis assessment with high reliability and stability. Natural Touch Elastography with a unique shell for tumor infiltration analysis provides high stiffness sensitivity in applications such as thyroid, breast, and GYN.

  • iFusion with Respiration Compensation

    Bringing the precision of fusion imaging to a new level, DC-80 with X-Insight applies iFusion for accurate volume navigation by CT/MRI and combines with CEUS for easy definition of benign or malignant lesions. It is further supported by a sensitive magnetic motion sensor with millimeter accuracy which can help eliminate the matching distortion and fusion inaccuracy caused by unavoidable patient respiration.

  • UWN+ Contrast Imaging

    Mindray patented UWN CEUS enables DC-80 to detect and utilize both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals, generating images with significant enhancements:

    • Higher sensitivity for minor contrast medium signal
    • Longer agent duration at a lowerMI
  • iCompare

    It allows to compare real-time ultrasound imaging to the past DICOM CT/MRI/Mammography/X-Ray/Ultrasound images without external workstation. iCompare is very helpful to easily follow up the progression of disease and monitor the treatment effects.



It’s the 2nd generation needle enhancement technology with automatic angle adjustments for easy needle approach to target and enhanced accuracy during guided procedures.


Smart Track

It’s Mindray unique feature to reduce repetitive, time-consuming scanning steps in vascular exams. Smart Track provides intelligent and real-time vessel tracking and real-time image optimization of Color and PW.



A smart tool to let you focus more on the patient. Helps in significantly reducing the patient scan time through standardization and user-defined capability.

eXceeding Experience

Experience with high productivity

Exceeding experience in scanning results in more patient focus for high quality exams in both clarity and ease of use. The X-Insight provides outstanding ease of use with better ergonomics, easier scanning, and flexible management, even beyond your expectations.

Flexible and Unlimited
  • Dual-Wing Floating Arm for extremely flexibility and minimum body height
  • Up to 5 active transducer sockets for less plug in and out
  • Built-in battery for continuous scanning
Clear and Detailed
  • 21.5”/23.8’’ Full HD monitor
  • 13.3’’ Ultra-Slim touch screen with angle adjustment


Intuitive and Agile
  • Powerful touch gesture based workflow
  • MedTouch App with more interaction and convenience
Clinical Images
  • p27-s8-1

    Gallbladder polyp

  • p27-s8-2


  • p27-s8-3

    STQ E Avg4

  • p27-s8-4

    Duplex Kidney

  • p27-s8-5

    Thyroid Tumor

  • p27-s8-6

    HR Flow of Thyroid Nodule

  • p27-s8-7

    Shell Analysis of Breast Mass

  • p27-s8-8


  • p27-s8-9

    CCA and Jugular Vein